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rice – Rice Bloodworms


An investigation of the tolerance of rice varieties to attack by the larvae of bloodworms.



To load the file into ASReml-R and view the contents use the commands:

A data frame with 6 columns and 264 rows:
Pair A factor with 132 levels
rootwt Root weight
Run A factor with 66 levels
sqrtroot The square root of rootwt
Tmt A factor with 2 levels
Variety A factor with 44 levels

The experiment commenced with the transplanting of rice seedlings into trays. Each tray contained a total of 32 seedlings and the trays were paired so that a control tray (no bloodworms) and a treated tray (bloodworms added) were grown in a controlled environment room for the duration of the experiment. After this, rice plants were carefully extracted, the root system washed and root area determined for the tray using an image analysis system. Two pairs of trays, each pair corresponding to a different variety, were included in each run. A new batch of bloodworm larvae was used for each run. A total of 44 varieties was investigated with three replicates of each. The variety concurrence was such that: eight varieties occurred with only one other variety, 22 with two other varieties and the remaining 14 with three different varieties.


Stevens MM, Fox KM, Warren GN, Cullis BR, Coombes NE and Lewin LG (1999). “An Image Analysis Technique for Assessing Resistance in Rice Cultivars to Root-feeding Chironomid Midge Larvae (Diptera: Chironomidae).” Field Crops Research, 66, pp. 25-26.

Updated on June 22, 2021

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