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plot.asreml – Plot diagnostics for an asreml object


plot.asreml: Four plots are generated: a histogram of the residuals, a Normal Q-Q plot, a plot of residuals against fitted values and a plot of residuals against unit number.

## S3 method for class 'asreml'
plot(x, res = "default", spatial = "trend",
facet = FALSE, ...)
x An asreml object.
res The type of residuals; see residuals.asreml.
spatial If “plot” and an independent error has been fitted with units in the random formula, these are added to the residuals, otherwise if “trend” (the default) then units are not added even if present in the model.
facet If TRUE, multi-panel conditioning plots are produced for models with multi-section residual structures.
... Additional arguments.

If the residual structure of the model contains multiple sections, the default plots are conditioned on the factor whose levels define the sections. For multivariate analyses, the plots are conditioned on trait.


An invisible list of ggplot2 objects.

Updated on August 9, 2018

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