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meff.asreml – Marker effects


mef.asreml calculates regressor (marker) effects using the original regressor scores and an asreml fit using the known subject relationship matrix.

## S3 method for class 'asreml'
meff(object, effects = ~NULL, mef = list(), se = FALSE,
evaluate = TRUE, ...)
object An asreml object.
effects A one sided formula giving the terms in the model (separated by “+”) for which marker effects are to be calculated. If ~NULL, the default, the term associated with the first variance matrix in the mef list will be used.
mef A list associating a known relationship matrix (rm) used in the model with a matrix of regressor scores, with components in the form
= “regressor-scores“.
se If TRUE, calculate the standard errors of the effects; default FALSE.
evaluate If TRUE (the default), evaluate the effects by a call to update.asreml, otherwise return the unevaluated call.
... Additional arguments to asreml.

An asreml object with a component mef, a list with length(mef) components containing the matrices of regressor effects and (optional) standard errors

Updated on August 9, 2018

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