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lamb – Footrot counts on lambs


lamb: Counts of two footshape classes on 2513 lambs.



To load the file into ASReml-R and view the contents use the commands:

A data frame with 12 columns and 68 rows:
cyr Cross year, an integer vector with values 1 and 2
Grp A factor with 5 levels
Sex A factor with 2 levels
Sire A factor with 18 levels
xxx A numeric vector
tot Binomial totals for each sex, sire, group combination
14 Incidence of footshape class 2
15 Incidence of footshape class 1
ls Incidence of scald disease
lr Incidence of rot disease
prop Footshape class 2 (l5) as a proportion
fail Footshape class 2 failure counts (1-l5)

The feet of 2513 lambs born in 1980 and 1981 from 5 mating groups were scored in two footshape classes: 1) all four feet are normal, and 2) one foot is deformed. Two indicator variables were also recorded for the presence of the disease conditions scald and rot. The data is grouped into 68 sex, sire and mating group combinations.


Gilmour AR, Anderson RD and Rae AL (1985). “The Analysis of Binomial Data by a Generalized Linear Mixed Model.” Biometrika, 72, pp. 593-599.

Updated on January 24, 2019

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