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fa.init – Factor analytic initial values


fa.init estimates initial parameter values for factor analytic models from the observed variance-covariance matrix.


fa.init(data, model, scale = 1)

data A data frame containing the response and the base factors in the factor analytic (compound) model term.
model A two sided formula with the response on the left and a first order interaction with a factor analytic model term on the right. Valid factor analytic model functions are “sfa“, “facv“, “fa” or rr with an optional argument k specifying the order of the factor analytic model. Other model functions are not allowed.
scale Scales the variance-covariance matrix prior to calculating the parameter estimates (default is 1.0).

A numeric vector of specific variances followed by the loadings if the factor analytic function is fa or rr, otherwise a numeric vector of loadings followed by the specific variances.

## Not run: 
init <- fa.init(data, fa(site,2):variety)

## End(Not run)
Updated on August 7, 2018

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