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coef.asreml – Extract model coefficients


coef.asreml extracts model coefficients from an asreml object.


## S3 method for class 'asreml'
coef(object, list = FALSE, pattern = character(0), ...)

object An asreml object.
list If TRUE, the coefficients are returned in a named list of length the number of terms in the model; default FALSE.
pattern A term in the model as a character string; if an interaction then separate the term names in the string by “:”. A regular expression is constructed from pattern to extract a subset of coefficients.
... Additional arguments.

If neither pattern nor list is set, then a list of length 3 with the following components:

fixed solutions to the mixed model equations for the fixed (dense) terms.
random E-BLUPs for the effects in the random model.
sparse solutions to the mixed model equations for the fixed sparse-stored terms.

where each component is a matrix with a dimnames attribute.

If list=TRUE, a list object where each component is a single column matrix corresponding to a term in the model; otherwise a single column matrix of effects as specified by pattern.

## Not run:
oats.asr <- asreml(yield ~ Variety*Nitrogen, random = ~ Blocks/Wplots, data=oats)
coef(oats.asr, list=TRUE)
coef(oats.asr, pattern="Blocks:Wplots")

## End(Not run)


Updated on August 8, 2018

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