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asuv – Univariate data frame


asuv makes a univariate dataframe from a multi-variate one.


asuv(stack, data, response = "y", traitName = "trait", traitsWithinUnits = TRUE)

stack A character or numeric vector identifying the columns that form the multivariate response. These columns are concatenated into a vector.
data The univariate data frame object.
response A character string to be used as the name of the concatenated response vector; the default is “y“.
traitName A character string to name the resulting column of multi-variate response names; the default is “trait“.
traitsWithinUnits The sort order of the returned data frame. The default, TRUE, orders the data as multi-variate response traits nested within experimental units.

This is a stack operation on the multi-variate data frame based on the nominated response columns. These are concatenated into a vector and the remaining columns of the input data frame repeated accordingly. A “trait” column is created from the names of the multi-variate response columns.


The stacked data frame.

Updated on August 7, 2018

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