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asr_families – GLM family objects for asreml


asr_families specifies the details of the models accepted by the family argument to asreml.


asr_gaussian(link = "identity", dispersion = NA)
asr_Gamma(link = "inverse", dispersion = 1, phi = 1)
asr_inverse.gaussian(link = "1/mu^2", dispersion = NA)
asr_binomial(link = "logit", dispersion = 1, total = NULL)
asr_multinomial(link = "logit", dispersion = 1, total = NULL)
asr_negative.binomial(link = "log", dispersion = 1, phi = 1)
asr_poisson(link = "log", dispersion = 1)

link A character string identifying the link function; valid values are:
Gaussian: identity, log, inverse
Gamma: identity, log, inverse
inverse.gaussian: 1/mu^2, identity, log, inverse
binomial: logit, probit, cloglog
multinomial: logit, probit, cloglog
negative.binomial: identity, log, inverse
poisson: identity, log, sqrt
dispersion If NA, the default for Gaussian and inverse Gaussian models, the dispersion parameter is estimated, otherwise it is fixed at the nominated value (default 1.0).
phi The known value of the additional parameter phi.
total A character string or name giving the column in data containing the total

A list of functions and expressions needed by the family argument.

asr_gaussian: The Gaussian model (default).
asr_Gamma The gamma model.
asr_inverse.gaussian The inverse Gaussian model.
asr_binomial The binomial model. If the response is between 0 and 1 it is interpreted as the proportion of successes, otherwise, if not a binary (0,1) variate, it is interpreted as counts of successes; the total number of cases is given by the total argument. If total is NULL, a binary (0,1) response is expected.
asr_multinomial The multinomial model. The response can either be a matrix of counts with the response categories as columns, with an additional column for the total number of cases in each row, or in univariate style with the response as a factor. If the response is a matrix and total=NULL, the total counts are calculated from the category columns.
asr_negative.binomial The negative-binomial model.
asr_poisson The poisson model.
Updated on August 7, 2018

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