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ASRgenomics presents a series of molecular and genetic routines in the R environment with the aim to assist in analytical pipelines before and after use of ASReml-R or another library to perform tasks such as Genomic Selection (GS) or Genome-Wide Association Analyses (GWAS).

ASRgenomics 1.1.4

Download the appropriate ASRgenomics version for your operating system.

Download File name Date published File size
Linux tar archive ASRgenomics_1.1.4_R_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz 22 Feb 2024 4.6 MB
Windows zip file ASRgenomics_1.1.4.zip 22 Feb 2024 4.7 MB
macOS tar archive ASRgenomics_1.1.4.tgz 22 Feb 2024 4.7 MB

ASRgenomics user’s manual

 ASRgenomics manual


Quick install

The quickest way to install all packages and dependencies directly from CRAN is to use the following command (note that you will still have to install ASRgenomics separately as it is not yet available on CRAN):
install.packages(c(“AGHmatrix”, “cowplot”, “data.table”, “ellipse”, “factoextra”,”ggplot2″, “scattermore”, “superheat”), dependencies = TRUE)

Alternative installation instructions are included in the Getting Started section of the ASRgenomics Manual, which you can find above. You can install ASRgenomics using the install.packages() function within R. Alternatively, use the standard package loading facilities available within an R interface such as RStudio or R Gui.