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Release Notes: ASReml-R 4.1

ASReml-R 4.1

Minor releases – 10/05/2023

Build for R4.3 – 11/05/2022

Build for R4.2

  • Correction to an issue where Wald conditional p-values could be displayed for incremental p-values – 18/06/2021

Build using 4.1.0 – 13/05/2021

Build using 4.0.5

  • Fix to problem where ainverse() could fail intermittently when running within RStudio
  • Fix to add contrast base factor to set of model terms
  • Fix to a problem using weights in multi-section models
  • Fix to using power model in dsum() where the correct sort order was not being detected NaN values are converted to NA – 26/01/2021

  • An argument added to asreml.options to display the package build date
  • Fix for when mbf factor is NA
  • Fix for where fitting splines could cause a memory error
  • Wald tests can now be run from the asreml call
  • Fix problem with coordinate form sparse inverse in a matrix object
  • Fix problem where ainverse could fail using a tibble – 16/09/2020

CentOS 7 build for R4.0

  • Fix to problem where the calculation of F-probabilities can fail when there are large denominator degrees

  • Improvements to starting values when facv is used

  • Fix to license activation problem when usernames include multi-byte characters

  • Step size added to trace within asreml object – 31/05/2020

Build for R 4.0 – 05/04/2020

Issues fixed:

  • Fix for ‘unable to load shared object’ error on R3.6 on Mac
  • Improved licensing error handling
  • Added the Orange wether data set
  • Updated to use ASReml mz core
  • Fix to error fitting multi-section power models in rparam
  • Added standardized deviance residuals to GLM’s
  • Fix error in sed table for predictions with one row – 12/08/2019

Issues fixed:

  • The offset function was being excluded from the call to the ASReml core
  • A ‘function could not be found’ error when fitting the Negative binomial function
  • Some minor corrections made for specifying initial values for some multivariate models
  • Documentation added for the chkPed function. – 01/04/2019

Issues fixed:

  • Added missing MBF example data sets
  • Remove unused levels in the term(s) that define the residual structure for unstructured models
  • Some multivariate models incorrectly return an error in Rparam where number of observations do not match the residual model

Initial release for R 3.5 

  • – November 2018
Updated on June 8, 2023

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