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Release Notes: ASReml-R 4.2

Minor releases – 18/12/2023

  • Fixed issue where CFixed matrix can be returned too large

  • Fixed issue where incorrect labels could be displayed for multi-trait models predicting for trait

  • Fixed issue where some models that contain multiple vm() terms with an interaction could fail to converge
  • Fixed issue where incorrect labels of variance parameters can occur in some cases where there are multiple interaction terms fitted before a main effect – 31/08/2023

  • Builds for RedHat 8

  • Fixed issue where an inconsistent number of levels in and() term error is reported for when some FA models are used within str() – 06/07/2023

  • Statically link BLAS libraries for macOS arm64 to resolve problems with missing libraries

  • Inverse gaussian distribution now available for GLM(M)s

  • An update to bivariate GLMs to allow the second distribution to be non Normal

Initial Release – 07/06/23

  • Build for R4.3 and R4.2

Updated on December 18, 2023

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